Choosing the Right Contractor in Loudoun County (or anywhere)

Most builders can remodel and most remodeling contractors can build, so what's the difference? Building homes is a construction business and remodeling is a service business. Work on a new home is completed in the field at the project site. A homeowner is usually involved, but they don't LIVE THERE! Remodeling occurs in the homeowner's house from start to finish. In remodeling, crews are expected to be polite, friendly, competent, timely, as well as good listeners and communicators. Even the sub-contractors that a contractor uses on a remodel project must employ only hand picked skilled individuals who can work around people all day long.
The most important step you can take to eliminate headaches during your remodeling project is to choose the right contractor.

The following steps will help you pick the right professional:

Check with the Contractors License Board to verify licensing, bonding and compliant record. Make sure the contractor is a VA. Class A contractor, there IS a difference.
Get referrals from friends and neighbors who have had similar work done.
Look for remodeling contractors who have done business for years in the community.
Make sure the contractor is properly insured & provides you with verification.
Understand every stroke of a detailed contract.
You should receive a detailed payment (draw) schedule that triggers payments upon completing project phases AND passing county inspections.
Have your contractor pull all applicable building permits.
Utilize lien releases upon progress payments to protect yourself.