Project Start-up Guidelines

Hours of Work - Typically 7:30 A.M. to 3:30/4:00 P.M. Monday through Friday, unless other arrangements have been made. Avalon employees are given the weekends off to spend time with their families.

Access - We prefer to keep a key in a secure lock box on an accessible door. This way the key does not leave the job, and if the lead carpenter happens to be away from the job, another Avalon representative can meet subcontractors etc. This is usually the door through which everyone will enter and exit. Please let us know if you have an alarm system. May we have a key and use a lock box, or would you prefer another method, just let us know at the project start?

Client Communication & Project Updates - The presence of the Project Manager or the Lead Carpenter at your home each day is dictated by the schedule on your job. We make every attempt to keep you apprised of what is taking place each week.

For the clients we don’t see on a day-to-day basis, Avalon management is relies heavily on email communications in providing daily updates on the project. You will never have a week where you’re wondering “who’s coming this week” or “what’s being done this week”.

On most jobs we will have a "project manager" that will run the day-to-day aspects of your job. Jobs run smoothest when all communications are funneled through them, including conversations regarding a subcontractor. Subcontractors take instructions best from the project manager, and it keeps information in the proper channel and on schedule. Additionally, Greg Nolan is always available to discuss any concerns on your project. Phone (703) 929-3295

Restroom – If possible, a restroom should be designated to be available to the workers or, if preferred, a Dons John will be set up outside at a suitable location established between Avalon and the homeowner.

Parking – Parking has traditionally not been an issue for our crews as we work throughout the Loudoun Co. area & surrounding areas. If you have any parking restrictions for our team members, either around you’re house or around you’re neighborhood, please let us know and we will gladly accommodate you’re request. We’d also like to know if there are any specific parking concerns regarding your neighbors.

Schedules – On applicable projects; you will be provided with an estimated schedule at project commencement. This schedule will give you a good idea of what is taking place on a daily/weekly basis, and what particular construction phase follows after each completed milestone.

Payments of Invoices - Invoices or draw-schedule progress payments will be presented at the time the work is complete or the appropriate draw-schedule phase has passed inspection. Payment is due upon receipt. Prompt payment is expected and appreciated as well as necessary to avoid any disruption in the workflow, and allows us to pay our staff & sub contractors in prompt fashion.

Clean up - It is our intention to leave your job in a "broom clean" condition at the end of each day. On all projects, we keep one to two steel trashcans with lids at all times. We also keep a large shop-vac and broom w/dust-pan on all jobs from start to finish, which is available to our crew & subs at all times.

Sub-contractors - These people are an important part of your job. Avalon has worked with the same group of subs (electricians, plumbers, etc.) for years and has consistently maintained a strong working relationship with them. In return, they consistently provide top-quality workmanship on our projects.

Delays with subs (a day or two) can & do occur in residential construction, But Avalon’s strong working relationship, consistent & prompt payment history, and steady workflow passed onto our subs assures us that your project is consistently put towards the top of they’re priority list.

Dust – Dust is a necessary evil of residential construction & will happens at various times. Every effort will be made to contain dust. As an example, Avalon implements a large Delta air cleaner for the drywall-sanding phase on all finished basement and room-additions projects. But remember, 100% containment is nearly impossible.

Delays - Expect a few delays along your remodeling/construction journey. They come from many sources, all unexpected. Some are due to suppliers; i.e.: the model you want is out of stock, your faucets are on back-order, your cabinets didn’t make the delivery truck on Wednesday, etc. etc.

Other delays can occur if, once walls are opened, a situation with plumbing or electrical lines are found that could not have been anticipated (especially on older houses where remodeling can truly be “exploratory surgery”) so keep in mind that delays can occur but we will do everything we can to keep them to a minimum.

Children - A construction area could pose various dangers to children; power tools, nail guns, electrical wiring, hammers, tall ladders & the list goes on. We ask that children not be allowed in the construction area, especially during work hours. If it is necessary for children to be either in or around work areas at any time, we ask that they be closely supervised.

Pets - Remodeling can be a trying experience on your pet. Many new faces will be coming and going. We will try to accommodate your pet as best as possible. For you’re pets safety, we would ask that they be kept away from the construction area while our crews are working.

Preparing For Your Job - We will gladly move the larger items, i.e.: refrigerator, stove, etc. We ask that you clean out all applicable cabinets, bathrooms, closets or rooms or hallways or decks that may be affected by the work, i.e.: boxes, suitcases, personal items, wall hangings, knick-knacks, etc. Please let us know where we can move the larger items to.

Trash Disposal – Depending on the size & duration of the project, we will either utilize our dump trailer daily/weekly or set up a dumpster outside or establish a few steel trash cans outside for debris on smaller jobs. In any event, it is our goal to always maintain a clean work environment.

Landscaping - During the normal course of construction, damage to the sidewalks, patios, adjoining plantings, lawns, and bushes may be beyond the control of the contractor. The contractor is not responsible for this damage. We will make every effort to avoid or minimize such damage & will discuss any potential landscape issues in advance whenever possible, allowing the homeowner to remove/replant/cover any landscape related items ahead of time.

Material Storage - An area, usually one side of the garage or an area of the basement when applicable, should be selected to store salvaged and newly delivered materials.

Conduct - All workers on your job have been asked to keep their shirts on at all times; not to smoke inside; to properly dispose of their cigarettes in a designated can outside; to play their radios at a low volume; and to clean up after themselves. Please advise us if any of these rules are not followed.

Change Orders - Change orders will be priced and presented for approval prior to commencement of additional work. Any deviation from the original contract should be addressed immediately to avoid any misunderstandings and to help hold down cost. Please be advised that any change may interrupt the rhythm of the workflow and could result in a project delay. Payment is due upon acceptance of change order.

Code Requirements - If code requires work that was not specified, i.e.: electrical, plumbing, etc., this work will be completed by means of a change order.

Moonlighting or Side-Work - is not allowed by our employees or subcontractors for our customers. Unauthorized work for our customers could result in an employee's termination.

Yard Signs - We would like your permission to set one of our company signs near the street. The majority of our business comes from "word - of - mouth" advertising. This sign not only helps our company generate business, but also serves as an important marker for material deliveries and subcontractors & county inspectors

Pictures - It is our intention to take pictures of each project prior to the start of the job and at its conclusion. If this practice is acceptable with you, we will take our "Before" pictures as soon as possible. And upon completion, we will take the "After" pictures. With your permission, your pictures may show up on our web site, or based on the project scope, be submitted to a Remodeling Magazine project contest. Your name and address will not appear in any marketing materials without your permission

Post Construction - After the final walk-through & punch-list work is complete, we usually schedule a 60-day follow-up visit with you to take a few pictures and check on your completed project. We will address any concerns on the project at that time. And we welcome the opportunity to discuss any future projects at that time as well.